I am grateful to all the people who stepped up and helped me run an issues-based, justice-focused campaign for Kane County State’s Attorney in the Democratic primary. Thank you for believing in me, and for continuing to fight for real justice in our communities.

My campaign is done, but our work remains unfinished. There are many individuals, families, and communities suffering because of the injustices and inequities built into the different systems we collectively call the criminal justice system.

The need to fix our broken criminal justice systems has persisted for a long time. I saw the need in 1994 as I was graduating law school, and I’ve seen it throughout my legal career from private practice to public service. While the campaign is over the work continues.

I am committed to this fight. This is not something we can address once every four years. Between now and November 2020 we need to make certain that the reforms we need are adopted by those who seek to be the next Kane County State’s Attorney.

But more than that, we need to use this momentum to push for better policies at the county board level, with the 30+ police agencies within Kane County including the sheriff’s office, and with our federal and state legislators. We need to engage with our school boards, our community colleges and local universities, and with the municipal leaders of our cities and towns.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Our hard work through education, organizing, advocacy, and voting will bring the change we seek in our communities. I am ready to work with you – the 14,000+ individuals in Kane County who cast their vote in support of our progressive criminal justice reform movement.

Junaid “J” Afeef
Former Democratic Candidate for Kane County State’s Attorney