Where are the #Allies4Justice?

Ahmaud Arbery with his mother. Rest in Power.

It took 2.5 months and national attention to prompt Georgia authorities to arrest the men responsible for the lynching death of #AhmaudArbery – DESPITE THE EXISTENCE OF VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE LYNCHING.

How many black men endure assaults, false arrests, and even death because they’re viewed as “thugs” or “suspect” every day in communities across America without the benefit of video evidence to prove they were the victims or to prove they were innocent?

Black people have known this reality of racial injustice and hate-motivated violence all their lives. Black parents teach their children how to not be arrested or even killed by the police when out doing lawful and normal activities.

There are people reading this right now thinking “why are you playing identity politics?” or “you’re dividing us by talking about whites vs. blacks.”

That’s just stupid talk.

To say “hey, I don’t hate anybody because of their race, etc.” is good, but it’s not enough; not in our country where centuries of oppression far out-number the few decades of de jure equality (which are themselves suffused with de facto inequality).

It’s not enough to not be a racist. We need to be anti-racists. Don’t be foolish and say we shouldn’t be “anti” anything. We absolutely need to be anti-racists. We should be actively against all forms of bigotry and hate. Anti means to be opposed.

Our governors, our legislators, our mayors, our city council members, our county boards and board chairs, our police chiefs, our states attorneys, and yes, even our public defenders in some jurisdictions, need to be held accountable by US (that is – you and me).

Nothing will change for the better until we change for the better too. We’re too complacent. We’re disengaged. We’re uninformed of or callous to the reality of our broken criminal justice systems.

What are we going to do right here in our community?

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