Advising Government Bodies

The required skill set of an effective State’s Attorney goes beyond trials. A thorough knowledge of ethics laws, laws promoting open and transparent government, and the ability to advise government executives are necessary skills for fulfilling the basic responsibilities of a State’s Attorney.

In my 25-year legal career I have advised a number of government agencies and boards. These include:

• Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority;
• Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council;
• Illinois Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health and Justice; and
• Illinois Department of Public Health.

Ethics, Open Meetings, Freedom of Information

The State’s Attorney is not only a law enforcement officer, he is also the county’s chief legal officer. As an independently elected official the State’s Attorney must ensure that Kane County elected officials, employees, and contractors conduct the people’s business ethically. The work of government must always remain open and transparent. To make sure that happens the State’s Attorney must oversee that the state law for open meetings and freedom of information are zealously followed.

As legal counsel to a number of state agencies and boards I have advised executive officials on their rights and responsibilities under the variety of state laws that promote good government. That vital experience coupled with strong independence will help ensure that Kane County remains accountable to the residents.