Kane County grows more diverse year after year. This is one of its greatest strengths.

Safe communities are healthy communities. Unless we address the problems in our communities we cannot have truly safe neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces in Kane County.

Working with the Community

Kane County is made up of diverse towns and cities. Together they make up one diverse and growing community.

The State’s Attorney is elected by the people, represents the people, and is accountable to the people. The willingness and ability to engage with community members is a critical but often overlooked skill when electing a State’s Attorney. My commitment to increasing the safety and health of our community requires that I bring together people of different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives.

Over the past few decades I have done just this time and again. Throughout my career I have partnered with a wide range of civic, legal, and faith-based organizations on justice and public safety issues.

These groups include:

• American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois
• Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
• Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
• Protestants for the Common Good
• Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago
• Inner-City Muslim Action Network
• Multicultural Committee at Elgin Community College
• Gail Borden Public Library

Ending Mass Incarceration

I live in Kane County with my family. I share your desire to provide a safe and peaceful community. We all want our children to be free from violence and drugs. We all want to be safe – not just in our homes and neighborhoods, but also in our parks, schools, government buildings, and shopping areas. I am committed to working with state and local law enforcement to preventing violence and prosecuting violent offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

For us to have safe and healthy communities we need to do more than arrest, prosecute, and imprison violent offenders. We need to cut off the pipeline that helps create violent offenders. Those who commit violent crimes are often repeat offenders, and in many instances jails and prisons are “finishing schools” that take non-violent offenders and contribute to their move in the direction of violence. The solution is to end the 30+ year run of mass incarceration for non-violent and sometimes victimless offenses. This decades old “tough on crime” approach has failed to make our communities truly safe in the long term. It has had grossly disproportionate and negative impact on communities of color.

I am committed to using the discretionary authority of the State’s Attorney to work collaboratively with community groups, law enforcement agencies, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, the Kane County Board, and others to increase diversion programs and introduce policies and practices that end the counter-productive impact of mass incarceration.